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Naturally, everyone wants different things, from a black and white head shot for an actor's portfolio, to an album cover.  People also expect different things as an end result, from a disc of 10 or more shots they can order endless prints off, to carefully chosen finished framed prints ...or a canvas work of art.

Therefore it's best to just ring me and discuss what you're looking for, and I can suggest a price for you that hopefully remains within your budget.

As a simple guide, a session usually takes a couple of hours - outside in my garden, or parkland.  (If requested, costumes where possible are provided for chidren).   I then prepare a disc and you collect it, or select your choice for printing from the computer a few days later.    

 Depending on the number of people, prices usually start from around £200 for the session.  Prints ordered are kept to an affordable £12 for an image up to size 12 x 8"

A fee can also be agreed for just the disc, allowing repeat prints paid for by the client.


Also, somewhat dependent how the session goes, I may also suggest the option of signing a model release form in return for free prints or reduced price of CD, as I work for photo libraries as well, and am always looking for interesting faces and subject  matter. 

LOOKING FORWARD TO YOUR CALL...  020 8546 6446  MOB 07879 490487 

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